Welcome to Aus Renewables

The Power to Save is all Around You Everyday.
Solar Power is Clean, Renewable and Cost Effective.

Welcome to Aus Renewables

The Power to Save is all Around You Everyday.
Solar Power is Clean, Renewable and Cost Effective.

Welcome to Aus Renewables

The Power to Save is all Around You Everyday.
Solar Power is Clean, Renewable and Cost Effective.

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You have taken the first steps towards energy independence.

Now is the time to take control of your electricity bills before the price of power increases just as everything else has.

Residential Solar


Make the move to solar and get rid of those dreaded electricity bills with our affordable residential solar system solutions.

Commercial Solar


Commercial solar installation is a smart business investment, one that will start making back its initial set-up cost instantly.

Why Go Solar?

Reduce Or Eliminate Your Electricity Bills

For most homeowners and business owners in Australia, the largest and most painful bill is the electricity bill, but luckily it is the only utility bill with a non utility solution, which is to produce the power you need on your own roof instead of buying it all from the grid.

Each home and business has unique energy requirements, usage habits and design restraints that impact the size and type of solar system you can have, but almost everyone finds that they can drastically reduce, if not entirely eliminate their electricity bills, some people even earn money from their electricity providers when their usage is far below their generation or they have maximized the value they are getting from their system to outweigh their costs.

Secure Investment With Long Term Returns

Installing solar is one of the wisest and safest investments you can make, granted your system is installed by a reputable company.

You will generate electricity and therefore savings over the 25 – 30 year warrantied performance period of your solar system, however panels can last much longer than this and still be operational. As electricity prices increase, so does the value of the power generated by your system. With the right-sized installation and general return on investment periods of 3-6 years your solar installation will pay dividends for decades to come.

Energy Independence And Self Sustainability

Whilst not suitable or financially viable for all households or business some people find the ability to be energy independent incredibly important. A solar installation is the first step towards energy independence and can supply some of your energy needs. To maximize the use of your produced solar energy you can add a battery which allows you to use some of your solar power at night, but also still allows you to remain connected to the grid.

To disconnect from the grid entirely is another story entirely involving massive battery capacity and heavy costs to set up (we do not specialise in off-grid solar systems).

Increase Property Value And Rentability

As the price of electricity increases (and it will), the value and advantages of solar energy rises proportionally also. Installing solar will not only allow you to gain a higher asking price for your property, but it can also help your home sell up to twice as fast as what it would without solar. For homeowners who want to reduce real estate costs, paperwork, and wait times, this can be a huge advantage.

Solar on an investment property allows you to charge a higher rental rate as well as help you rent the house faster and keep tenants in for longer, this is because despite being able to charge more for rent the tenants are generally still in a better position than what they would be paying power bills.

Government Rebates And Tax Incentives

The Federal Government’s Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) incentive scheme subsidizes the upfront cost of installing your solar system. This incentive is usually claimed by your installer and applied as a point of sale discount on the cost of your system with STC’s generally covering around ⅓ of the cost of a decent system from a reputable company.

The amount is based on the size of your system and is actually funded by the big polluting companies, who buy STC’s as a means of offsetting their own emissions.

Some states offer their own incentives or rebates for solar and or batteries and businesses can often claim tax incentives or depreciation on the installation of solar and business owners should confer with accountants on the potential tax benefits to them.

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